Sound Systems Design

Sound System Design

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Sound systems, or public address systems (PAs), are an important operational function for any kind of facility or venue. Sound system design integrates PA systems into a facility’s native acoustical environment.

Apart from the entertainment and performance venues demand for audio transmission, sound systems serve another important functionality. They are used for information transmission, such as emergency notifications and announcements. This is a critical requirement for large public spaces (conference centers, hospitals, hotels, malls, supermarkets)

We are experts in electroacoustics & sound systems design. We work closely with architects, venue owners and technical managers to design customized and optimized systems for any kind of venue and acoustical environment, ensuring crisp, clear, sound reproduction that engages and captivates audiences.


We provide the following services

  • Sound system design of art performance centers, religious centers, home cinemas, restaurants and music bars/clubs, hospitals, conference centers, stadiums
  • Sound system performance simulation and measurement
  • New or existing sound system optimization (fine tuning for optimal sound reproduction)
  • Selection and specification of sound system components