Froutopia: Fruit crate Acoustics

This April we were involved in a special project. Inside the old Nicosia Market at the heart of Nicosia’s historical centre, a series of theatrical performances took place. The name of the play was “Froutopia” and a theme after-party was organised by ABR to close the cycle of performances. Ioannides Acoustics was called to offer it’s services with regards the acoustics of the space, as well as the electroacoustics for both the theatre performance and the after-party.

The main design block for the setting of the space was the typical fruit crate. This fruit crate was also used as an acoustics element. With a total of 2000 fruit crates and other custom made acoustical materials we brought down the reverberance of the hall from 4,5 sec. to 2,5 sec. and in conjunction with digitally steered directional loudspeakers we managed to offer ideal acoustical conditions for speech intelligibility and music reproduction.