Audio Production / Broadcasting Studio

Audio Production/Broadcasting

Audio Production/Broadcasting

Audio production and Broadcasting facilities are amongst the most interesting and challenging projects for room acoustical and sound system design. Ranging from a small home studio to the large multifunctional facility, all require fine engineering design to the highest of standards. Acoustical design has to be carefully integrated with architectural considerations and the facility’s functionality requirements.

We are experts in audio production acoustical design and offer complete architectural acoustics and sound system design services.

There are cases where the selection of a building by a facility owner without expert consultation, can lead to significant design limitations and consequently revenue loss. We come in at a very early stage and help you specify your needs and provide consultation on building selection/design.

We work together with architects and facility owners to provide the facility layout, including construction details and structural elements specification. We analyze the mechanical engineer’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) and provide noise control design. Our extensive experience on acoustics projects and construction site inspection ensures that the facility will, not only be designed, but also build in the highest of acoustical standards.


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