“Sound is what makes us tick”

Ioannides Acoustics is one of the leading acoustics consultancies on the island. We provide acoustical design for room acoustics, noise control, sound insulation, and sound system installations to obtain crisp clear sound distribution, and the reduction of unwanted noise inside and outside of buildings.

We are experts on acoustic and electroacoustic design with extensive experience on both indoor and outdoor projects, in Cyprus and abroad. We offer our consulting services by working together with architects, engineers, and private individuals, providing tailored solutions for all types of acoustic, noise and sound system projects.

Our office has been involved in the design and supervision of landmark residential high-rise developments, such as Limassol ONE and NEO, as well as other large and medium scale projects, such as the state award winning Markideio Theatre, Pafos, corporate office HQs and other commercial developments, a strong confidence indicator in our high-quality services.

Our Mission Statement:

State of the art acoustics design by combining knowledge, efficiency, and creativity. We pride ourselves on offering independent consultancy with no strings attached.